Monday, June 4, 2012

June Butterflies

Last January 10, 2012, my husband and I came face to face with death and luckily, we managed to get away with just a few minor bruises... or so I thought. The accident ended up costing us medical bills, calls to the insurance company, trips to the orthopedic surgeon and anxiety brought on by a fractured middle metacarpal on my right hand. 
Me before the surgery on February 17, 2012
First x-ray a week after the surgery.

I learned that having a broken limb can only get a lot worst if no one is there to help you as you try and get better day by day. Simple things became impossible to do. So I'm grateful for the many months my husband patiently cared for me.

With my hand in a concrete-solid cast, I mentally listed the things I would do as soon as I get my hand back! Learn to play the guitar, bake a storm, ride my bike more often... but the one thing that I kept going back to was designing. Yes. Designing. Back to creating stationery. My mind just simply clogged up with ideas unable to be turned into paper goods.

So now that I got my hand back - oh, what a relief! I am happy to be back doing one of the things I love best to do and being able to share them, too!

"June Butterflies" free print-at-home stationery.
Happy June everyone!




  1. So glad you're back! I remember similar feelings after I broke my ankle several years ago!

  2. I hope you're feeling better, totally miss your beautiful work!

    1. Hi Lisa! Just saw your comment today I should really check my comments tab more often! Thanks for asking I have definitely bounced back. I've continued sharing more new stationery printable designs do subscribe to my newsletter to get it in your inbox. Here's the link:

      I hope all is well!