Wednesday, February 1, 2017

GIVEAWAY: Love is Here 8x10 Art Print

Dear friends,

The world can use as much love as possible. Now more than ever! So, recently, in my small way as a stationer I'm finding means to reach people beyond my circle by donating to a special cause led by Designe Sponge's Grace Bonney.

She called out on instagram recently for stationers to donate writing supplies to meet-ups across the US of caring people who come together and fight a good fight by writing to our government officials. This is another way our voices can be heard! Let's flood their mail boxes!
Image courtesy of Yes, Ma'am Paper Goods

I've also partnered with Sasha Huff, a film producer, writer, director and content manager I met via Instagram to host a giveaway of my Love is Here 8"x10" art print. The contest opens tomorrow and ends on February 7th. See details here to join!

You can buy this art print, if you'd rather here. This also comes in size 11"x14". If you ask me, this makes a perfect gift to give someone who could use some love in these turbulent times.

Love & Letters,

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