Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 000 000 Postcards!!!

I'd like to congratulate Postcrossing and its wonderful team led by Paulo Magalhaes for reaching the 5 million mark of postcards sent through members of Postcrossing since they started this wonderful project in 2005.

A couple of days ago I tried my luck at guessing the countries (or combination of) the 5 millionth postcard will be sent from/to. My guess was USA to PHILIPPINES and there were 871 guesses! The winner of the right guess wins a surprise from Postcrossing team and guess what? Nobody guessed the right combo. So what about this 5 millionth postcard?

Here it is, sent by member Elefantus (who's been a member for 3 years and has sent over 2,116 postcards around the world!) in Italy to Ployploy (is a newbie like me and member for 29 days and this 5 millionth postcard is only his 4th received!) in Thailand. Elefantus and Ployploy will get the prize instead since nobody guessed it right!

Congratulations Postcrossing!!! Congratulations to Elefantus and Ployploy!

And here is the previous 4 millionth postcard:

Happy postcrossing!!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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