Friday, August 27, 2010

Paper Art : Brian Dettmer

If I could write to my pen pals pages and pages about art, I would. Oh wait, I think I already do! But if you saw these works of Brian Dettmer in one of your online excursions, wouldn't you at least spare a few lines of your beautiful stationery sheet to share about his amazing work?

I've seen his works a few years back and blogged about it in my Multiply account (since then he's added so much more to his collection!), and after recently discovering Su Blackwell's work I can't help but dig up Brian Dettmer whose works are also in the same medium, books. Who knew there's so much more you can do with one aside from reading or helping you doze off? A few years ago, there was a wave on altered book art and the trend is going strong. But I'll save that for another day.

In the topic of books, I am currently reading David Linden's 'Accidental Mind: How the Brain Evolution Has Given Us Love, Memory, Dreams and God'. I have always been fascinated on how the brain works and its mysteries that leave most neurologists still puzzled. But we are slowly learning more about its intricacies and functions. And these discoveries never cease to amaze me. This book sheds light to new studies, correcting misconceptions and explaining in great detail the little cells in a way no other science books do - it packs humor and keeps the praising of the brain to a minimum.

Check out Brian Dettmer's works here and don't forget to write about it in your next letter out to your pen pal/s. Should you want to blog about Mr Dettmer's work, don't forget to cite credit and drop him a compliment :)

Happy wiriting!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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