Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Enter the World of Postcard Cycling

This is such an exciting time for us who are into writing letters and are also into sharing/sending postcards, I think they go together! I find myself ending my travels at a souvenir shop securing a good number of postcards to send out to my penpals and they in turn send me some from the beautiful places they've gone to, or from their own beautiful country. I myself have not really caught on collecting postcards but I do know some people who do, I had no idea how this trend has picked up on 211 countries until I came across Postcrossing.com. This might just start my own postcard collection!

The current stat when I joined is:

198,328 members
211 countries
241 postcards/hour

4,846,190 postcards received

168,549 postcards traveling

26,584,227,484 km traveled

663,361 laps around the world

Signing up is free, so of course, I jumped in on what this is all about and discovered that it's another great way to expand your list of pen friends. Initially, you'd be given five random addresses from around the world to send your first five postcards to. After which your turn to receive five more will come. You can prolong the communication if you wished to as information about the receiver is also provided, that way you know if you have similar interests and can keep writing.

Their blog is fun to read as well, it features some of the "postcrossers" and I've just read about this one woman who has over 13,000 postcards in her collection even before she joined www.postcrossing.com!

Postcrossing is somewhat a postal version of Facebook, with all your privacy intact. This is a wonderful way to bring people from all over the world closer. Heck, if I knew (or, exchanged postcards and letters with) five people in The Netherlands or ten in France, I'd go and book my flight already! This might be looking at it the extreme way, but somehow, if there is such personal communication between citizens of every country to the next, we can almost be absolutely sure we are generating our own share of peace to the world, though one postcard or letter at a time. :)

Join Postcrossing now!

Happy writing!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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