Friday, August 20, 2010

Paper Art : Sue Blackwell

Obsessing about paper is almost automatically innate when one is into writing letters. Beautiful stationery is among our best friends. So when I stumbled upon Ms Blackwell's work, I knew I had to share her talent with you. Remember the pop-up books we used to have as kids? She has taken that very same concept and turned it into a more intricate and complex work of art which she calls 'book sculpture' using outdated and otherwise boring textbooks into something of a museum quality piece. Take a look for yourself:

So next time a society feels the need to go back to our old book-burning days, we might want to consider a more creative way of disposal and take it from artist Su Blackwell.

Visit her website and view more of her book-sculptures in her portfolio as well as other commercial and non-commercial projects.

Work of art as unconventional yet familiar as Ms Blackwell's is worth writing about, so share it to your pen pal.

Happy writing!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat


  1. WOw is she talented!!! I would love to own one of those.

  2. me, too! especially the one with the butterflies taking flight off the pages :) Brian Dettmer's works are just as good! Check it out:, Sonya. And thanks for visiting my blog!