Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the World: National Costume Show

At the Miss Universe 2010 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, the contestants don their national costumes and I thought, although totally unrelated to letters or postal, could be a good topic to write about in your next letter to your pen friends across the globe.

I love how some designers of these costumes added a modern-twist to traditional clothing, like Japan's for one. Instead of the covered up kimono, her shoulders are bare and the fabric trails on the back like it's suspended mid-air.

I also admire the clean and graceful costumes of Miss Greece, Miss Israel, Miss France and Miss Canada. It's hard to find a favorite, but close to my heart of course is Philippines. The gown's design is not a far departure from our traditional Maria Clara, the color combination is a fresh take though and I like how the bright yellow and black play out together.

Miss Venezuela's costume gears toward a more structural approach with the use of mirrors and weaving while Haiti and USA have all the dramatic touch. Miss Australia's costume captures the outback adventure of which Australia is most famous for. Also worth mentioning is Miss Thailand's, it's like a more sophisticated take to its exotic origin.

So which is your favorite? What do you think of your own country's costume? Were you happy with how the costume portrayed your country or did you think they could have done something different or even better?

The coronation is on the 23rd of August, that's next week! I don't really follow beauty pageants, but national costumes are something that interests me (as anything about cultures do), so I'll be keeping an eye out for the winner and my best bet? It's hard to decide! Ask your pen friends who they think will win, send them a link to this page. For the complete photos of all the Miss Universe 2010 candidates in their national costume (plus backstage photos) go here.

Photos sourced from MSN and

Happy writing!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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