Monday, August 16, 2010

Shopping for Some (unique) Writing Stuff

From time to time, I like to surprise my pen friends across the globe or at the next state over little stuff like odd postcards, cute stationery, or envelopes made out of torn magazine pages (yes, fashion pages make wonderful sturdy envelopes!). Opting for a colored paper can do so much to add pizazz to an already interesting letter. Every letter writer knows this!

The neighborhood Michael's offers cheap and cute stationery, they have a section where you can dig up colorful and beautifully designed writing pads for under a buck! Or sign-up for their newsletter and get discount coupons as often as once a week. Jo-Ann is also another arts and crafts store that supposedly offers more for a lot less than Michael's, but we'll leave that to whoever runs the 'smart shopping' blog.

But today, I'm going to let you in on an amazing online store that I have been buying cool items from, not just for this hobby, it's also my go-to site for buying unique gifts. It's called and it stands by its name! Here are the items I've been eye-ing lately that I'm sure my pen friends would love to see in their mailbox:

1) Memo Postcard (ceramic $15)
    Like a dry-erase board only a lot chic-er

2) Postcardens (available in 'City', 'City' "Greetings" packaging, 'Botanical Garden', and 'Botanical Garden' packaging "Thinking of You" $12.50)
    A postcard for the gardener or Architectural enthusiast in you or a pal

 3) Stitching Postcard (set of two $10)
     Now this is just ingenious! You can actually map out your routes using the thread and needle included in the kit. If you find yourself backpacking throughout Europe, what a great way to send this one out instead of having multiple postcards! You can choose between USA, Europe or the world.

4) Blackmail Cards (set of two postcards $8) has endless list of very unique and quirky stuff like this one. The postcards come in blank so you can stick the lettered fonts to make it look like a ransom note. Imagine how much fun this would be for you and whoever you're sending it to!

5) Postcard Mug (one cup comes with a special Pebeo marker with ink especially made for ceramic - $40)
    Unlike those other mugs that you can write on, this one you can seal it permanently so the ink won't rub off when you wash it, simply bake it in the oven for 35 mins at 300F!

6) Saw Letter Opener ($15)
    I have always been opening my letters the only way I know how, by trailing my fingers through the folded edges and I personally love the look of a ruggedly opened letter, but I suppose you can also find joy in using this saw if you're used to doing things right and clean.

7) Shoe Letter Opener ($15)
    A more feminie version.

8) Elephant Poo Paper Journal and Note Box (choose between the 20-paged journal or the note box with 70 slips of paper - $14)
    Just recently, my pal from NM sent me this clever note cards made entirely out of Elephant Poo! I am all out for recycling and upcycling and making use of an otherwise wasteful matter just blows my mind! It reminds me of this one fashion designer who made use of discarded salmon scales on her accessories collection like how we use snakeskin. Amazing!

9) Panda Poo Paper (notepad, greeting cards and journal - sold in sets or individually - $8 - $24)
    I don't know where all this poo-recycling could lead to, hopefully we can stick to just poo's of our grass-consuming friends. On the bright side, these products are highly recyclable and DO NOT STINK at all.

10) Horse Poo Paper: Note Box and Journal (choose between the 20-paged journal or the note box with 70 slips of paper - $14)
      For your pen pal who has a ranch, a few lean horses and is horse-crazy and looks like she has everything. She probably doesn't have this. Well, she has the real thing I'm sure.

11) Bacon Flavored Envelopes - Set of 25 ($7)
      Yes we're done with Poo.
      I remember the time when scented pens and stationery were all the craze between my girlfriends and I in high school, but the scents were always on the fruity and floral side. Never in our youth would we imagine to ever come across a bacon-flavored envelope!!! But here it is! And it can only mean the beginning of more bacon-flavored stuff!

12) Plantable Wish Cards (12 wish cards plus three pencils - $10)
      Another wonderful idea! You can send out a prayer, greetings and well wishes by writing it all down on the circular cards, plant it and voila! You get a variety of flowers sprouting out in a few weeks.

So for your next Christmas party, you need not panic but visit They have a large selection on gifts under $50 or $25 for the kids, coworkers, neighbors - they have just about everything for everyone!

Keep checking back on their website because they are constantly adding unique items.

Snag any of the items above and have a blast writing!

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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