Sunday, September 19, 2010

In My Mailbox : Vintage Stamp Dispenser

The life of my mailbox is at an all time high now with lots of friends from around the globe and all those postcards from! It's never seen better days! Especially when I shop around for unique vintage or handmade Etsy finds.

Not really a self-professed collector myself, things just seem to find me (yeah yeah) and soon enough found fallen bird feathers on the streets are piling up on my growing collection of vintage tin cans that spurred from hours and hours of looking over the vintage category on Etsy!

So when this little darling found me (it's fate), the letter-writing, letter-mailing, vintage loving me, how could I say "No"? There's no stopping my epistolary from growing now, from the modest start with letters, postcards, stationery to this little baby, my mailbox is as curious as I am as to what will find its way to me next.

Stay tuned!

According to seller Sassydoggs, this vintage stamp dispenser is.........

"from the 1960s because the stamp pictured on the side appears to be a 1965 4 cent Lincoln stamp."

Visit her shops: 

Happy writing! (And collecting!)

Cindy Gonzales-Kujat

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