Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Postcrossing!

Hello friends!

Having a three-full days weekend is really nice, but it makes my Tuesday feel like Monday! Alas, that is great news knowing I only have to work four short days this week. Nevertheless, time seems to be flying! Don't you think?

This morning, I checked in on one my Postcrossing accounts (because I have two! Yikes!) and read about their approaching 6th birthday, how fun! The site administrator, Paulo Magalhaes is inviting the members to submit photos of themselves holding postcards they are about to mail out which they will use and compile in a video montage like they have done before that I regretfully missed. Well here's my chance and to all of you who are part of this wonderful project, we just might be featured in the video if not win these goodies as well:

The World's Smallest Post Service by Lea Redmond of Leaf Cutter Designs.
Two Christmases ago I got my cousin, Mary Kris, two of my pen pals and my husband, Dan one each of this awesome mail product from Ms. Redmond. Her customer service was awesome (still is, I'm sure!) and all her products unique. I am happy to see her products gracing Amazon now as well as other online gift shops. It's a lovely surprise enough to see something special in the mailbox and having the letters and packages come in miniature sizes is even more amazing! So this kit would make a wonderful addition to any letter-writer's desk!

Included in the kit:
1 0.2mm fine-tipped micron writing pen
40 mini writing sheets
40 mini envelopes
60 envelope seals
4 mini gift boxes
4 sheets Kraft wrapping paper
4 sheets miniature "newspaper" packing paper
44 inches twine
40 postage stamps
32 special delivery stickers
Instruction sheet

Mail Carriers Set by Playmobil.
These Mail Carriers are well loved by Postcrossers across the globe including myself. We have come to know them on first name basis, Paulo and Ana. Honestly, I am envious of the two, they have gone to more places that I wished I've traveled to! You can read more about their fun trips here.

So here's me with my Sad Queen postcards and behind me are my wall of cards that are mostly available on Letter Parade the shop. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be part of the video, at least :0)

And in the subject of postcards, I am embarrassed to admit that I have been so out of the loop! Reading Missive Maven's blog, I came across Walltype, SendSomething.net and Swap-bot, let me explore these awesome recommendations more then maybe I can blog about each in the near future!

Happy writing!

Cindy Gonzales - Kujat

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