Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paper Art : Jayme McGowan

Dear friends,

I hope you are all having a great day, or night! I'm currently working on a new postcard idea, will tell you more about it soon! Meanwhile, I thought I should share a very inspiring body of work using paper(!) by artist Jayme McGowan. Looking at her works remind me time and again how versatile paper is as an art medium. There are endless possibilities on what you can do! Truly when one is creative, even the simplest of material can be transformed into something so brilliant. What I love even more about McGowan is her ability to not just make shapes but also tell a story. See for yourself.

"Aerial Adventurers"

"James & the Giant Peach"

"Oscar's Accidental Adventure"

"The Best Album Ever"

"Cloud Climbing"

Now I don't have to tell you why this one is my favorite, it's pretty obvious isn't it?

"Earl's Good Tuesday"

You can see more of Jayme McGowan's work here. She is also an Etsy seller like myself and you can purchase prints and shadow box kit under her Roadside Projects shop. If you love her work, drop her a note and let her know how much you appreciate her art. We need people to keep making beautiful things! Lastly, don't forget to write to your pals about this.

Happy writing!

Cindy Gonzales - Kujat

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