Sunday, August 21, 2016

LETTER PARADE: Blog Overhaul

Blogs are here to stay and are like multivitamins to any brand in this day and age. And if it can't be done consistently, why even bother? And if the content is next to garbage, I say stick to the diary. So here's me resurrecting my blog feeling like it's New Year's day and so full of resolutions.

I will be posting my blogs under five categories broken up into...

California Love   |   Paper Crush   |   Behind the Brand   |   Letter Parade   |   Art & Music

...because the above are what matters to me and will serve as a manual so I won't be writing about science in the near future unless it directly relates to paper or Letter Parade for that matter.

These are the blogs that have served and continue to be strong sources of inspiration for me. The ladies behind these blogs are tour de force and epitomize the true meaning of Girl Boss. I look up to each and every one of them and follow in their foot steps. They are doing what they love, make money doing so and live very fulfilling lives. What won't I find inspiring in that?

No. 1

OSBP is a household name in the stationery industry. The blog that a hopeful stationer like myself can only dream of being featured. This is run by Nole Garey and she hosts Paper Parties in New York in conjunction to the yearly National Stationery Show. This party is the real deal and prestigious AF and it's by invitation only exclusive to big names in the industry. A girl can dream, right?

No. 2

The Paper Chronicles penned by Sarah Schwartz who is only the editor-in-chief of the highly regarded and well-designed trade magazine Stationery Trends. Her love for stationery and her achievements play a big role in the continued success stationers like myself enjoy in this crazy whirlwind consumer-driven world.

No. 3

In every industry you'll be lucky to come across gems like Eva Jorgensen who, not only make it their mission to give back to the community but aid the ones following along their footsteps like myself. Surely they didn't need to do that but they did anyway and thank goodness for their genuine kindness because I've learned so much taking her webinars Stationery Biz 100: Start Strong and Stationery Biz 200: Wholesale. Her blog reflects the authenticity of her brand which is unmistakably her and it flows so well to her other social media platforms. Sycamore Street Press is a perfect example of a successful brand.

There's more to add but I'll save those for another post. In the mean time, follow me on Instagram @letterparade 
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