Saturday, December 31, 2016

January 2017 FREE Printable Stationery & Desktop Calendar

Happy New Year, dear friends!

I've started my stationery company out of my love for letter writing, design and paper and more than ever, this still rings very true. I love every part of snail mail and know that those of you who followed this blog and liked my Facebook page do, too.

In looking back, some of my very popular and most requested posts are about printable stationery shared free to download. Well, I have great news: I'm bringing it back! I'll be sharing one design each month and also include downloadable desktop calendar to jazz up your screen time.

To recap, here are all the free printable stationery I've shared in the past:

1. Peacocks and Pink Roses, July 4, 2011
2. Framed and Lovely, August 23, 2011
3. June Butterflies, June 4, 2012

Here's this month's free stationery download. Get the high resolution here.

Here's the first ever printable calendar I'm sharing with you! Decided to go with air mail colors to get us writing more letters. Get the high resolution here. You can print this or use as screen saver! 

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How do you like the new designs? These are such a different approach in comparison to the older ones but this is what I love about sharing these designs as I get to experiment. A perfect design exercise! I do hope you like it. Feel free to leave comments below.

And hang on tight because I've got a lot in store for 2017!

Love & Letters,

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